The illuminating Festken water bottle is the state-of-the-art design solution for festival and concert goers around the world. Not only can you add it to your souvenir collection, you can use Festken at the free water refill stations, or toss in your favourite cocktail!
Hydrate all day and fist pump all night to your favourite artists using a new patented four finger handle design. Instead of purchasing plastic water bottles at each festival, save some money. Help the environment and intensify your experience at the latest fiestas by using our leading edge water container. Go all lit, all green, and clean with Festken

Our Story

Festken water bottle was born in 2015, when two festival goers left their favourite fiesta with nothing but an empty wallet, stained white T-shirt, while tripping on a sea of plastic bottles. We discovered there was no fashionable, sustainable water container on the market catered for music festivals and concerts that will keep our wallets full, our drinks concealed, and the grounds free of plastic waste. The fusion of creativity was born to revolutionize the water bottle industry and to keep event goers hydrated in style; whether it be a sultry hot day at Tomorrowland or watching their favourite artist perform in concert.

Nationwide, even worldwide, we are seeing a massive shift away from single-use plastic bottles as more people choose a healthier, refillable option. However we still have a problem to solve. How much garbage does a typical music festival generate? The 2015 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, with 90,000 fans, produced more than 679 tons of plastic waste over four days. That is a shocking 15 pounds of waste per festival-goer; twice the amount a U.S. consumer uses daily. Approximately 1 million plastic bottles are left behind after each event; and we have the solution.

Solvable Problems with Festken:

  • Mass Amount of Plastic Waste
  • Expense of Bottled Water
  • Dehydration and Medical Issues
  • Lack of Festive and Unique Water Container
  • Drink Safety and Spillage

Our Solutions:

  • Sustainable & Refillable Container
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Bottled Water
  • Promoting Hydration, Health, and Safety
  • Fashionable, Convenient, and Exclusive Design
  • Designed for Drug and Spill Free Drinks